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Help, Encourage, Aspire, Redeem, Trust and provide Support for both short and long term individuals who are incarcerated.  We do this by advocating for changes within South Carolina legislation and policy changes within South Carolina The Department of Corrections and the Department of Pardon Probation and Parole.

We work with various agencies and organizations that support and actively offer rehabilitation services that include drug and alcohol treatment, mental health treatment, counseling, transitional housing assistance, parenting courses, educational programs, financial education, job placement and training.

One of our goals is to ensure that the individual receive all the necessary help available to ensure success during and after incarceration.

Services provided:

  • Mentor programs
  • “Inside Out” Speaking engagements
  • Referrals to appropriate agencies
  • Community Advancement Programs
  • Faith based programs.
Hearts for Inmates works towards being a part of the solution to counteract the effects that incarceration has on those incarcerated and the families.
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Lewis and Erica Fielder are the founders and exemplary visionaries of Hearts for Inmates.  Erica is the dedicated wife to her husband Lewis who is incarcerated. This non-profit organization has a strong focus on helping, encouraging, aspiring, reedeming, trusting, and supporting individuals who are incarcerated.  In addition to her non-profit organization, she has been a strong voice for prisoner rights, serving her community, and helping the homeless- just to name a few.

As a leader and advocate, she has successfully attracted the attention of thousand, held seven rallies at the SC State House, began a petition that has obtained over 20,000 supporters nationwide, and has met with a host of state leaders.

With a strong support system from many groups, organizations, and individuals alike, Hearts for Inmates is seeking to be apart of the change that the criminal justice system needs.

Hearts For Inmates

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